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Did You Know?

Seachem's substrates for the planted aquarium never need to be replaced. They remain effective for the life of the aquarium, so the only time you'll ever need to change out your gravel is if you want a different color.

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Flourite Flourite®  este un pietris argilos stabil, special fragmentat pentru acvariul plantat natural. Aspectul sau este optim pentru acvariile plantate, dar produsul se poate folosi in orice mediu acvaristic..

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OnyxSand Onyx Sand™ is a specially fracted, stable porous gravel for the natural planted aquarium. Being carbonate rich, Onyx Sand™ provides an advantage to any plants able to utilize bicarbonates.

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Meridian Meridian™ is an all natural oolitic (spherical or egg shaped) aragonite substrate for all reef and marine aquaria. It's grain size (a fairly uniform .25 - .50 mm) is ideally suited to reef inhabitants and it's chemical composition will assist in stabilizing calcium and alkalinity...

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  The folks at Seachem have done a wonderful job responding to the needs of aquatic gardeners. No more do we have to rely on do-it-yourself recipes, or expensive, hard to find imported products. Seachem has developed a complete line of well-researched products for the planted aquarium. My personal favorite is Seachem Flourite®. In my opinion this is the best product available as a substrate in the planted aquarium. It is easy to use, attractive, and the plants love it. Since setting up my first Flourite® tank, I have used nothing but!  

Karen Randall, Editor of The Aquatic Gardener

  [Onyx Sand™] has a natural buffering capacity, which makes it an excellent choice for a planted marine aquarium or planted African cichlid tank. Its coloration is excellent for bringing out the colors of both the plants and fish and makes a nice contrast to the browns of driftwood. In addition to its aesthetic value, Onyx Sand™ provides essential minerals such as iron. Its buffering capacity is ideal for a stable environment by maintaining the KH at optimum levels without much need for tinkering. Like Flourite, its best trait is its ability to be used as a substrate from day one, without amending with additives or other chemicals, and as the substrate ages, it only gets better. For the planted tank, you can’t go wrong with the choice of Flourite® or Onyx Sand™.  

Bailin Shaw, Executive Board Member, DFW Aquatic Plant Club