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Reef Complete

Reef Complete® este un amestec de calciu ionic optimizat si concentrat (160.000 mg / L) conceput pentru a restabili și menține calciul la nivelul găsit în apa de mare naturală, fără a afecta pH-ul. Carbonații si calciul sunt esențiale pentru creșterea coralilor

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Marine BufferMatrix™ este un biomediu de mare porozitate, care oferă o biofiltrare eficienta pentru eliminarea deseurilor de azot. Fiecare litru de Matrix ™ acopera o suprafață > ~ 700 m2, echivalenta a 170 de litri de bile de plastic!

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Reef CarbonateReef Carbonate™ este un concentrat (4000 meq / l) cu un amestec optimizat de săruri de carbonat și bicarbonat conceput pentru a restabili și menține alcalinitatea din acvariu de recif. Carbonatii si calciul sunt esențiali pentru creșterea de coralilor.

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  Here at Aquarium Concpets of Miami, Reef Builder™ and Reef Advantage Calcium™ are two products that are indispensable to the success of both our display tank and our coral system. We recommend these products for novices and experienced hobbyists alike  

Jose Vives, Store Manager, Aquarium Concepts

  I just started a reef aquarium about 3 months ago, and I was having a problem with my calcium levels. Come to find out that my alkalinity was too high, but the only way I found this out was by talking to Seachem. I was using [another popular clacium supplement] which isn't as good as they say. Once I started using your Reef Complete®, in 2 days, my level was up to 375 which I am happy with. Before, my calcium level would not go above 290, and I had used about 5 pounds of the [competing brand]. Well right now I am in the process of switching over to Seachem from top to bottom.  

Bruce Simon

  I remember an occurance that happened over a year ago in which I was trying to change a Kent user over to Seachem. The customer had used Kent for several years but was not really getting good growth results. I told him to try the Reef Pack: Fundamentals™ and if he wasn't happy he wouldn't have to pay for them. Two days later he shows up with a bit of exuberance and happily stated that the one coral he had for two years, and had not grown, almost doubled overnight. He then stated, ‘I am sold on Seachem!  

Darrell Ogle, Co-Owner, Lucy's Lagoon Tropical Fish