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Flourish™ este un supliment cuprinzator pentru plante din acvariul natural de apa dulce. Contine un sortiment bogat de microelemente importante, oligoelemente si alte substante nutritive. Printe acestea se regasesc calciu, magneziu, fier si alte elemente importante care s-au dovedit a fi benefice pentru plantele acvatice.

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Flourish ExcelFlourish Excel™ este o sursa de carbon organic biologic. Toate plantele au nevoie de o sursa de carbon. Acesta se obtine in mod normal din CO2, dar se poate deriva si din compusi organici simpli (ca de ex. produsi intermediari de fotosinteza). Aditia de CO2 sau utilizarea Flourish Excel nu se exclud reciproc.

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Flourish IronFlourish Iron™este un supliment foarte concentrat (10,000 mg/L) de fier bivalent (Fe+2) gluconat. Se foloseste atunci cand necesarul de fier depaseste nivelul ce poate fi asigurat prin folosirea dozei recomandate de Flourish Iron sau cand apar simptome ale deficientei de fier (cum ar fi tulpine scurte si subtiri sau ingalbenire intre nervuri).

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  My tank is doing terrific. I am using [Flourish Nitrogen™] at about 4-5 capfuls per week an am not seeing any algae problems at all because the plants are growing just great. I have to trim my cabomba at least once a week and my anubias barteri has bloomed twice and it's never done that before. Also, my dwarf sag. grrass is sending out so many runners it's like regular grass.  

Matt Wasenhove

  I was searching the internet for a inexpensive method of adding carbon dioxide to my aquarium, and I found your web-site and a description of Flourish Excel. It was exactly what I needed! I asked my local aquarium store to order some of it for me. I was amazed at the results I saw within three weeks. I then ordered Flourish, Flourish Iron, and Flourish Potassium.... My plants showed a dramatic improvement. The java fern no longer turned black and spotty. The Amazon sword plants in my other tank doubled their number of leaves. But the most amazing thing was that plants I was unable to even keep alive before such as cabomba and red ludwigia are now "Flourishing!"  

Diane Riewe

  I just wanted to tell you how great your Acid Buffer is. I have been trying to lower the pH of my water for about 2 months now but it kept going back up. Out of the tap my water is has a pH of 7.6-7.8 and is very hard. Your product was the only one that would lower the pH of my water and maintain a constant level.  

Steve Crowell, Tillsonburg, Ontario