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Purigen Purigen® Purigen? este un adsorbant sintetic premium care este deosebit de orice alt produs de filtrare de pe piata. Acesta nu este un amestec de rasini schimbatoare de ioni sau adsorban?i, ci un polimer unic macroporos sintetic care elimina impurita?ile solubile ?i insolubile din apa, la o rata ?i capacitate care depa?e?te toate celelalte produse cu peste 500%.

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MatrixCarbon MatrixCarbon™ este un tip unic de carbon activat. Este produs sub forma sferică pentru o hidrodinamică optima, care nu va permite conglomerarea. Astfel, este stimulat un debit maxim de apă și contactul cu o densitate mare de zone macroporoase. MatrixCarbon are un conținut extrem de redus de cenușă, aspect dovedit si de impactul său minimal asupra pH-ului.

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Matrix Matrix™ este un biomediu de mare porozitate, care oferă o biofiltrare eficienta pentru eliminarea deseurilor de azot. Matrix ™ este un corp poros solid, anorganic, de aproximativ 10 mm diametru. Fiecare litru de Matrix ™ acopera o suprafață > ~ 700 m2, echivalenta a 170 de litri de bile de plastic!

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  Approximately one and a half years ago, Seachem gave Marine Fish a sample of Matrix™. We started using this product in several systems in our store. In every case we saw a significant drop in the amount of nitrates in these systems. I recommend and use Matrix™ for all saltwater systems  

John D. Olsen, President Marine Fish

  First and foremost, I have to say OH-MY-Gosh...your Purigen® product isawesome! My 72 salt water tank was like pond water: dark, algae ridden, and disgusting. I couldn't see more than 4 inches into the water. After hearing about your product through friends, I decided to try it (after trying so many other products) God, it was worked to CLEAR my water!...and I mean crystal clear, within 3 days ( it was clear in 2 days but crystal clear in 3)....I can't even tell that there is water in my tank anymore.  

Giang Nguyen


de nitrate™ is an excellent product for controlling nitrate at concentrations below 20 ppm. I had nitrate at 140 ppm, did an 80% water change, and began using this product with a regular 10% water change. Nitrate has been at zero ever since.’


Dan Rose