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Purigen Prime®este solutia completa si concentrata de conditionare, atât pentru apa proaspata cat si sarată. Prime� elimină clorul, cloramina si amoniacul. Prime� transformă amoniacul într-o forma sigură, non-toxică, usor de eliminat prin biofiltru bazinului. Prime� poate fi utilizat în timpul ciclarii bazinului pentru a atenua nivelul toxicitatii amoniacului / nitritilor. .

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MatrixCarbon Stability® este formulat special pentru acvariu și conține un amestec sinergic de bacterii anaerobe, bacterii aerobe și facultative care facilitează descompunerea deșeurilor organice, amoniac, nitriti și nitrati. Spre deosebire de produsele concurente, bacteriile continute de Stability® nu sunt fixatoare de sulf și nu vor produce hidrogen sulfurat toxic.

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  Approximately one and a half years ago, Seachem gave Marine Fish a sample of Matrix™. We started using this product in several systems in our store. In every case we saw a significant drop in the amount of nitrates in these systems. I recommend and use Matrix™ for all saltwater systems  

John D. Olsen, President Marine Fish

  First and foremost, I have to say OH-MY-Gosh...your Purigen® product isawesome! My 72 salt water tank was like pond water: dark, algae ridden, and disgusting. I couldn't see more than 4 inches into the water. After hearing about your product through friends, I decided to try it (after trying so many other products) God, it was worked to CLEAR my water!...and I mean crystal clear, within 3 days ( it was clear in 2 days but crystal clear in 3)....I can't even tell that there is water in my tank anymore.  

Giang Nguyen


de nitrate™ is an excellent product for controlling nitrate at concentrations below 20 ppm. I had nitrate at 140 ppm, did an 80% water change, and began using this product with a regular 10% water change. Nitrate has been at zero ever since.’


Dan Rose